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"Before I signed my first contract with Steve, I had an experience with him that says more about what makes our arrangement work than any string of complimentary words I could recite.

We were in the middle of a friendly but intense discussion of how our arrangement would work when his cell phone rang. With all the politeness and etiquette of a perfectly schooled “Miss Manners”, he asked me if I would mind if he took this call – which was from a client in need. I said “of course” thinking all the while that if it were me on the other end of the phone with a crisis in the middle of a meeting; I would want Steve to answer! Moreover, I knew that if Steve put such value on serving a client that he would take a call like this and risk losing a future piece of business, he would do the same for me if I was one of his clients.
Shortly after this incident, I signed my contract with Steve. I had seen enough!
And to this day, some 9 years later, virtually every time I need Steve for something, he is there for me. In a day when it’s easy to put people off for a bit, Steve never loses sight of how important responsiveness is. As a result, I am a happy camper and a long term client of his."

Nelson Fabian.
Executive Director and CEO National Environmental Health Association


“Prestige Accommodations has assisted in the planning and execution our Global Management Meetings since 2006. Our attendees consistently rate Steve and his team as stellar for their onsite meeting support. Personally, I continue to be impressed by Steve’s industry knowledge. During a recent site selection meeting, he helped us evaluate our ten prospective meeting locations, and within a 30-minute period, we had identified our top three site choices. He provided us with the specific information we needed to make the best decisions for our organization that ultimately saved us time and money. Thank you Prestige!”

Jodeen Howes
Vice President Human Resources, Resources Global Professionals

“I have been working with Steve Marlin and Prestige Accommodations for over 20 years. I do not have the time nor the expertise to secure great places and great rooms for our Annual Conference, which is one of the major revenue streams of our Association. I look to Steve and his team to find us a location simply based on a city that we have chosen. Most recently, I needed to be in Houston, but the room rate was just a bit out of our reach. Steve was able to secure the best rate possible, coming in below our expected rate, surprising us all. This is something that I have come to rely on as Steve and company just gets it done year after year. We are happily on our way to Houston for our 2014 Annual Conference. Working with Prestige Accommodations and Steve Marlin falls into my personal category of “no-brainer.” I would not have it any other way.”

John Sacerdote
CPC/CTS, President, National Association of Personnel Services

“As a follow-up to our annual meeting in Boston, I just wanted to say a big thank-you to you and your staff for the stellar job you did in making it all happen.
I should be used to this after all these years, but you continually surprise and delight us all with the way in which you seem to approach each meeting with fresh eyes and new ideas. For example, we had some challenges with the hotel layout being a bit confusing, but you worked with our host committee and the hotel to make sure that the signage and way-finding were as simple as possible. This was a big plus for our attendees, and especially our exhibitors.
When some of our groups needed to find an off-site venue for their evening events, you hit a major home run by finding us an incredible deal within steps of the hotel. This was amazing in a city like Boston, where prices are quite high and the competition for venues like this is intense. Our groups could not believe that they were getting a true "taste of Boston" at an incredibly reasonable price. Thanks for this—it was just one of many examples of how you go "above and beyond whenever we request your assistance.

Your quickness to adapt to new technology has been so evident as the staff has worked with our vendors to provide a mobile meeting app and other innovations. And our registration process, both for the meeting and the hotel, continually gets kudos from our members who, as you know, have very high standards! We have especially appreciated your support in being a "green" meeting, with reduction in printing (and associated costs) and the adoption of a Twitter feed to keep our members posted on changes and developments at the meeting. Our members--especially the younger ones have been quick to adopt these and other suggestions you've implemented to engage them with innovative and fun approaches to gathering, including speed networking, mentoring lunches, and our Student Lounge. You and the staff have gone the distance in enabling this innovation, and we look forward to working with you at the 2013 meeting on the same efforts.

Sometimes we get a little complacent about how flawlessly our logistics are managed, and it's sometimes tough to discern how many "pop-ups" you manage without breaking stride. It's only because we've worked so closely together for so long that I even have a hint of what you manage at that level. This is always such a comfort to me--with a small staff we have our hands full managing committee meetings, membership requests, etc., etc., and I always feel entirely supported and taken care of.

Our Executive Council and members have come to expect a high level of performance--and they always get it from you. No matter what we request, you are always willing to consider how we can get it done. That's a "can-do" attitude that we "can't do" without! Once again, many thanks for all that you and the staff at Prestige Accommodations International do to make us feel like your Number 1 client! I'll bet you have lots of those!

Lynn Strother,
CAE, Executive Director, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society