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Association Conventions
Successful events are critical to most non-profit associations as they rely on meeting-generated revenue to support the organization’s efforts to regularly provide industry information and educational opportunities throughout the year.

  • We can be an extension of your staff – or, if necessary, we can serve as your staff
  • Our volume allows your attendees to get the very best prices and your association to get the best concessions
  • Understanding volunteerism is a mainstay of serving associations
  • Our expertise with hotel contracts protects your interests
  • We bring industry-wide knowledge to work on your behalf
  • Many associations need additional staff to coordinate large events– we provide that and can do so for as little as free to your association
Here's what our customers have to say...
I’m glad they’re on MY side! Great negotiators. Wonderful problem solvers. Masters of the on-site. Extremely well respected – by the hotels/convention centers/ suppliers that we work with.”  Lois Schoenbrun, Executive Director, American Academy of Optometry
 “When I think of Prestige Accommodations, I think of a very valuable service to our Association. Exceptional knowledge of properties. Extreme attention to detail and highly professional in all aspects of running conferences.”  Pat Reeves, Meeting Planner, CPA Associates, Inc.
“… the conference exceeded expectation across the board and, as always, I believe that most of the credit goes to you and your team… The Society is fortunate to have had so many years of your expertise and energy.” Barry Beith, President, Human Factors and Ergonomics Society
“As our professional interface with the hotel industry, Prestige provides us with financial, structural and communications support of a top quality nature.” 
John Leonard, Executive Director, American Swimming Coaches Association
Given that our relationship extends back more than a decade, we know to expect nothing but excellence from you and your staff. Incredibly, your team surpassed our highest expectations this year, raising the bar on what customer service should be. Needless to say, your meticulous oversight of planning details and your guidance were as evident as always this year, but it was your genuine concern for us and thoughtful support that really made all the difference. We’re so appreciative of our relationship and proud to include you as part of the NLN family. We look forward to many more years of collaboration and partnership.
R. Michael Kristek, Deputy Chief Administration Officer. National League for Nursing