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We Save You Money
Background: A not-for-profit scientific organization with attendance at their annual meeting averaging 1400 to1500 participants with the profit from the meetings helping to sustain the organization through the next year.
Challenge: In an unusual year, due to various circumstances, the attendance at the annual meeting was significantly lower than normal. As such, they not only lost money on the event, they also were responsible for attrition charges at the hotel amounting to over $50,000.
Solution: Prestige Accommodations entered into negotiations on the client's behalf with the hotel. Utilizing its understanding of the processes in these situations as well as the amount of business represented by Prestige Accommodations, the hotel lowered the damages due them by to approximately $10,000.
Result: The association was able to pay the damages from association funds and to survive the following year.

We Are Experienced Negotiators

Background: Prestige Accommodations moved a 4500 person complex convention for the American Society of Military Comptrollers within 3 weeks due to flooding and hotel closings in our contracted city.
Challenge: We received notification that the Opryland Hotel was closing until further notice due to extensive flooding. The action threatened the participation of 4500 attendees as well as the financial integrity of the organization.
Solution:  Within 2 days, Prestige Accommodations had found a new city home for the group.
Result:  Within less than three weeks, Prestige Accommodations had:
The meeting was an extraordinary success with a loss of a mere 1% of attendees due to the change of venue.

ASMC realized all budgeted profit and the attendees were thrilled.

We Eliminate Waste

Background: A major real estate company, held an annual meeting which averaged 4000 attendees.
Challenge: Each year the client hosted a lunch for award winners, high level sales persons, their spouses and guests. They were never able to correctly estimate the number of attendees as some winners never attended and others showed up who claimed they were entitled to the lunch. Planning on 700 persons often left a large number of lunches unused, but paid for.
Solution: Prestige Accommodations devised a voucher system which allowed the winners to each receive a coupon valued at a specific dollar amount which could be used in the hotel food outlets. The actual number of coupons redeemed would be charged to the master account unless the attendee spent LESS than the value of the coupon, in which case the hotel had to charge the lower amount. All redeemed coupons were returned to us for verification of actual charges.
Result: Net savings of the voucher system is approximately $100,000 each year